Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My my my

Soooo many things have happened since my last post... Multiple projects done, lots of them already given away without taking a picture first... of course (I have to mend my ways.... sigh...)! I promise though to take pictures of projects which stayed with us; knitting, sewing (my first little skirt!! :) I was so proud of myself!), crochet, cooking, baking....

The pregnancy is going well but I have to say that it's been harder this time around... quite a bit of body aches.... meh... no diabetes though which is great news :). I've also been quite tired and tend to loose patience quicker... re-meh... Luckily my wonderful husband is still putting up with me :) !

My belly is now so big that my feet are a distant memory, my t-shirts do their best to cover it all but unfortunately it's a lost battle for a couple of them... and I still have two months to go... huh...

Meanwhile, little lady is growing up ooh so fast, talking more and more and in both french and english. It's funny though how she says certain things in french and some others in english; for example, she points at her elbow and proudly says elbow and then points at her nose and says ''nez''. I guess she's going for the easiest one of the two to say. Funny thing, she says ''papa'' and turns to daddy if he doesn't answer quickly enough... isn't it adorable?! She also turned out to be quite the little adventurer who wants to climb everything (including my belly, yes it's that big!)) everywhere all the time. She is a blast and I adore her! I can't wait to see her with the little one soon coming! :)

En joy your day!