Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What a rebel I've been!! I have to say for my defense though that I didn't have my camera which for me is the equivalent of a slow death... Not being able to take pictures of my little lady for a whole month? Come on!! I have been a busy bee though! Lots of baking which was brutally stopped in July by an atrocious heat wave (by Quebec standards anyway!) . I even had to leave my much loved apartment for five days to go to my air conditioned parents' house! So, these little hands have been crocheting a baby ripple blanket as shown by Lucy from the attic. The instructions are really easy to follow even for a newbie like me :) .

Going well but unfortunately will have to be put aside... Baby madness is coming soon... What is baby madness you say? It's my sister as well as my two sisters-in-law expecting (one is having twins!). So, let the knitting frenzy begin!!!!! Four baby hats, cocoons, four pairs of booties and bibs... Add to that little stuffies for all of them! Phew! busy times ahead!

I did have a bit of time in the past two weeks to sew four of these cute elephants from the book More softies only a mother could love.

Got to go back to knitting!
Have a lovely day! :)

NOTE; Young lady's elephant was lost yesterday at the grocery store... unable to find... hope it made its finder happy! :)

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